Where is the camp?

Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! is taking place 40 km North of Ottawa on unceded, unsurrendered Algonquin territory. The exact location of the camp will be announced around May 20th. To find out where it is, you have to register. Directions will be sent to registrants via an email newsletter.

I don’t have a car. How can I get there?

First off, see if you can find a ride. Talk to people who are coming, and talk people into coming. We have created a rideshare board to help. It’s here:

Public transportation

It is possible to arrive to Wakefield via bus thanks to the new public transport bus line Trans-Collines, which has a route going from Gatineau to Wakefield.

It leaves from the Rapibus bus station Les Galeries de Hull, located at 200 Boulevard de la Carriere in Hull. To access the schedule go to (the bus is line 960).

To get to Les galeries de Hull station from Ottawa, take the STO (Société des Transports de l’Outaouais) line 37 from Rideau and King Edward and get off at Station Taché-UQO, where another bus will take you to Les Galeries de Hull station.

If you don’t mind a hike, Wakefield it’s  walk to the camp. We are also encouraging carpooling to/from Ottawa!

I can’t come for the whole week. Can I come for part of it?

Yes! We don’t expect everyone to be able to come for the whole week. Feel free to come for any length of time.

Isn’t this whole event kind of heatscore? Don’t you know that Big Brother is watching?

Yes, we do know that. We also believe that without a well-organized movement to resist those who profit from the destruction of the land, the future is bleak. All social movements since Empire began have had to contend with surveillance and repression; it is only the technology that has changed. We should not let the surveillance state achieve its intended effect, that is, to scare us into submission, to render us meek, and to dissuade us from bold public action.

What’s the schedule?

Coming soon! You can expect workshops on decolonization, direct action, anti-oppression, mining injustice, self-defense, and permaculture.

Is it too late to propose a workshop?

No. If you want to host a workshop, talk, skill share, etc., please visit and fill out the form there.

Please message us ASAP, as it will help us make space for you, but there will be workshop slots intentionally left open for folks who show up and are inspired to host a discussion, workshop, or skill share. We’re adaptable.

When should I show up?

We recommend showing up in the afternoon on Tuesday May 30th or early on Wednesday, June 1st, but come when you can. There will be a Morning Circle at 9 a.m. each day, which will help orientate everyone to the camp.

Can I show up early?

Yes, probably. There will be some on site in the last week of May. If you want to volunteer to help set up for the camp. Expect hard work five hours a day, fun and relaxation the rest of the time. Write us at rebelrebuildrewild(at)riseup(dot)net to volunteer.

Does the camp cost anything?

Of course, organizing the camp costs something. This being said, participation is on a pay-what-you-can basis. We suggest that those who can contribute give $25 to $50, according to your ability to pay. And for those who cannot afford spending money, we are sure that you will bring something else to the camp (motivation, knowledge, tools, smile, ideas, energy, etc.). Food is included. We’ll also have some merch to sell (books, t-shirts, zines, etc..) so you might want to bring some cash.

Also, if you can, please bring food donations for the kitchen. Things like cooking oil, whole grains, beans, fresh vegetables, wild game, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, honey, tea, etc.

Will there be communal meals?

Yes! We are extremely pleased to welcome our esteemed comrades from La Cuisine du Peuple, a renown kitchen collective. We will be serving breakfast, lunch and supper every day.

We will need volunteers in the kitchen, and we are asking for donations of food (especially cooking oil, fresh vegetables, spices, beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, maple syrup, honey, tea, apple cider vinegar, and wild game).

Please let us know if you are coming to the camp and have a severe food allergy by sending a message to : rebelrebuildrewild(at)riseup(dot)net.

I’m vegan. Will there be food for me?

Of course! Every meal will include vegan options.

What about coffee?

Yup! Coffee will be provided by Cloud Forest Coffee, which imports coffee from a co-op in the rainforest of Ecuador resisting mining development in their homeland.

What should I bring?

Come prepared to camp. You know better than we do what you need.


Personal items:

• tent
• sleeping bag
• hammocks
• food & water
• toilet paper
• adequate clothing for hot days, cold nights, rain, etc.
• your own bowl, cup, utensils, etc.
• flashlight/headlamp & extra batteries
• sunscreen & bug repellent (if you use them)
• swimsuit & towel
• musical instruments
• your knowledge, wisdom, and skills
• your friends!

Communal items (to share or donate):

• tools (shovels, axes, hatchets, saws)
• food (for the communal kitchen)
• kitchen gear (large pots, pans, water containers, etc.)
• extra tents, easy-ups, etc. (the larger the better)
• tarps and rope
• hacky-sacks, circus toys, board games, frisbees, etc.
• climbing gear (harnesses, ropes, etc.) for tree climbing/sitting trainings
• First Aid gear

Can I bring my kids?

Yes. There were lots of kids last year. We want to foster an intergenerational movement that is inclusive to parents, kids, teenagers, caregivers, and elders.

Will there be respite opportunities for parents?

Yes, there will be, but not at every minute of every day. If you want to volunteer to coordinate activities for kids, please write us. Last year, parents and caregivers self-organized amongst themselves. If you want more information, please write us at rebelrebuildrewild(at)riseup(dot)net.

I wanna bring my dog. Can I bring my dog?

Yes, if you commit to taking good care of them. We trust dog keepers to know their dogs and act appropriately, but as a general rule, dogs should remain on leash. There are chickens and horses on the land. We will be very upset if your dog kills a chicken. You will be very upset if your dog is injured by a horse. Please be aware that some people are afraid of dogs, or just don’t like dogs. Especially be mindful of children. If your dog is anti-social or aggressive, please leave them with a dog sitter.

I want to help out. Can I help?

YES! Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! is a grassroots, all-volunteer initiative made possible by mutual aid, solidarity, and volunteer labour. At Morning Circle every day, we will ask folks to volunteer for various tasks. Please come prepared to help out! Let us know if you have any special skills (i.e. medical training, carpentry, cooking, etc..)