Presentation and solidarity night with the Hambach Forest occupation in Germany

Friday, May 19th, 2017 at Librairie Leuguelionne in Montreal

The old Hambach forest in Germany lies at the edge of a coal mine, the largest single CO2 emitter in all of Europe. Activists occupied the forest in April 2012 to protect it from being cut down for the expanding mine. Five years later, the forest has dwindled, but the occupation continues and the movement is growing. What has been happening on this frontline struggle against coal, climate change, and capitalist society? What does life and resistance look like among the trees and surrounding villages, but also amidst police repression?

A portion of the documentary made by the folks at the Hambach Forest will be screened with English subtitles. Please note that photos of environmental destruction will be shown, in addition to photos of large-scale police operations.

The presentation will be in English with whisper translation available into French. The event is PWYC (no one turned away), to help Climate Justice Montreal cover the costs of the space.

Climate Justice Montreal is a group pursuing environmental and climate justice through education, mobilization and collective action in solidarity with directly affected communities. Any chance to learn about resistance movements around the world strengthens our movements everywhere. CJM is also excited to support The Montreal Festival of Anarchy and encourages everyone to attend the other events happening, including the Anarchist Bookfair on May 27 & 28: :
Wheelchair accessibility: The entrance to the bookstore is from the back. Please report your presence to a bookseller by waving in the window so we can open the grid. A ramp allows you to enter through the back door. The minimum width of the rear corridor is 85 cm, and there are two turns (with a diagonal of 121 cm for the smallest).

Accessibility for reduced mobility: Support bars are installed on both sides of the stairs at the front to facilitate the climbing of the two steps leading to the bookstore. There are no steps inside the bookstore itself.

The bathroom in the bookstore is non-gendered, but it is unfortunately not accessible in a wheelchair. The Tim Hortons across the street has a wheelchair accessible bathroom, but it is gendered.

The bookstore is a non-scented space.